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West Long Branch, NJ

Seventh Grade
Seventh Grade Home

 Miss Tagliaferro

Science, Math, & Religion

732-222-8686 EXT. 21


Grade 6 Science

  • Science Safety and the Design Process
  • Environmental Science: Ecosystems, Biomes, and Biodiversity
  • Cells Theory and the Microscope
  • Motion, Forces, and Energy 

Grade 7 Science

  • Science Safety and the Design Process
  • Animal Investigations: Study a variety of animals along with some in class visitors
  • Chemical Building Blocks: Investigating matter and the world around us
  • Earth Science:  Shake, rattle and roll as we discover our planet's cycle of rebuilding

Grade 8 Science

  • Science Safety and the Design Process
  • Human Body:  Anatomy of the human body
  • Frog Dissection:  Anatomy of the grass frog
  • Chemical Interactions: Exploration of chemical reactions

Special Project

Trout in the Classroom:  Once again, the 7th grade will be raising trout from the Pequest Hatchery.  The project would not exist without the support of the Freehold Soil Conservation District and Trout Unlimited.  Through a grant from FSCD, Saint Jerome has been supplied with equipment.  Trout Unlimited has also visited the school in the past with educational programs.  Check out the aquatic science pictures in our photo gallery on the main page.

Enrichment: Innovations

Every First Friday ...

Join Miss T at her maker space to tackle a number of design challenges using the design process and STEM

Candycorn Tower: How high can you go building a tower out of candycorn and toothpicks?
Spiders in the Web: Can you construct a web out of floss and a hanger to hold a rock spider?


Turkey Catapults:  Time to launch your marshmallow turkey by designing and constructing a catapult.

Candy Cane Challenge:  Investigate the history, making, and packaging of this peppermint treat.

Gingerbread Man Challenge:  Design and construct a trap to capture that cookie.


Superbowl Challenge:  Design, construct, and test a goal post and handmade paper football.


March Madness:  Design and construct a tower only from newspaper and tape to hold a basketball twenty seconds.


Mother's Day Craft

The Seventh Grade Presents:  Archived Project
The Stations of the Cross